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Shoppflow Icons Boor v3Logistic functionality re-conditioning your cutting toolsAvailable

ISO13399 L Logo Informative fuctionality offers integrated data connection and import functions.



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ShoppflowMEAS IconMeasuring tool usage indicator.  Calibration due time interpolation function. Saving calibration costs on non-used measuring  equipment.

ShoppflowRANDOM Icon Virtual and random storage of toolparts. No more empty locations in your tool racks or drawers occupied by tool parts used in production. Save your money on warehouse equipment and m2.

ShoppflowTIME Icon How much time is spend on time registration on a daily basis? And how reliable is the information on the timesheets you get? You want to compete, but what is the right cost price if you are not realy sure about man and machine hours spent on set-up, running time, loading time and interum stops? Tuned to your wishes! Registration directly from the machine control with smart options. In combination with RFID or Bluetooth? With 10 machine operators you generate at least 200-250 hours each year to spent on more urgent business. This besides the fact that now you really know your product costprice! Communication is done through LAN. Linking ERP for transmission of totalized hours and numbers requires the ERP-module.

Shoppflow Icons Fact v2Multi-company tool exchange & logistic application. Playing together = sharing together. This module requires the virtual and random storage module.

ShoppflowERP Icon ERP communication. Fit to your requirements. From AROI* data import to time registration export. And more..



ShoppflowTMCusto Icon

-Tool vending system communication.

-Non ISO13399 data exchange.

-Interfacing Tool presetting equipment (manual input standard, drivers optional).

-Machine tool table data exchange.

-Mastercam postprocessor manufacture.

-CNC Machine crash protection software.

-CNC Machine data logging applications.


*AROI  Article Revision Operation Identification.