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Tool Data & ARBI Data Management                                       

Handling all tool classes, cutting  tools, tool cutting condition information sheets or links, tool items, adaptive items, tool related devices , interactive modular tool assembly construction structure (even according to your own non-DIN specification).

Modular fixture assembly and fixture data management system, device management system.

Machine data handling including standard tooling.

Job and /or AROI* related tool assembly lists.

Tool presetter functionality included, providing you with comprehensive AROI* or non AROI*  job assembly presetting reports.

Handling measuring equipment and storing its calibration data. Calibration due time watchdog. Specifying and storing internal calibration procedures and their results.

Providing you with job and/or AROI* related tool assembly picklists. AROI related fixture picklists,  AROI related device picklists and AROI related measuring tool picklists.


Storage & Stock Management, Purchasing functionality.

All classes stored uniquely or gathered. Create your own storage logic.  Cutting tool stock counting list , cutting tool stock list,  cutting tool inventory valuation list.

Tool tracker. Locating your tool parts throughout the whole  factory at every moment in time.

Get your purchasing suggestions with one click. Based on minimal required stock and job related reservations. Edit and approve your purchase order suggestions per supplier and send your pdf purchase order with one mouse click. Book your whole or partial delivery with one mouse click.

Cutting tool costs are booked on production orders per AROI*. This means you’ll have costs by choice specified per order, per order line, per completion, per assembly and per AROI.

Product and Production Data Management

AROI* hierarchy oriented directory safe. Product and production files can be saved in a  protected environment and released in a controlled manner which prevents unauthorized editing or deleting files.


Employee Database Access Management

Your employee’s authorization is regulated by choice from a wide variety of tasks and assignments which results in restricted access to tables, forms and reports.


*AROI  Article Revision Operation Identification.