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What and for whom?

SHOPPFlowTM, the software tool that provides support and structure within you preparation processes and gives users information along the production process.

SHOPPFlowTM is no MES. No ERP and production planning, no CAM environment and no process analytics tool. But ShoppFlow does have the right data structure to connect with these environments.

SHOPPFlowTM  controls job information, AROI’s* and all data and files to be connected to support the production process. Think tool assemblies, fixture sets, set-up information, extra devices and their instructions to be used. Measuring equipment and measuring reports. Machine data en NC programs. And of course the management of basic data needed to realize all of this.

SHOPPFlowTM therefore offers comprehensive functionality of the shelve. No surprise when you realize that 80 tables, 110 forms and 15 standard reports support you every day.

SHOPPFlowTM suits companies optimizing their production preparation process at order line and / or AROI level and besides that preserving the possibility to integrate with others solution providers without excessive financial consequences.  

*AROI  Article Revision Operation Identification.