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A piece of history. How it all started……

In 1982 I quit my job as metal worker as my focus shifted in the direction of geometrical measuring technology and CNC machines for the machining industry. After that I concentrated for a number of years on developing database solutions for companies in a wide variety of braches.

“Iron pulls” In 2001 it resulted into a new job as manager off a metalworking company that slowly developed into a jobber. And as we all know; the art of jobbing is to be sharp on prices, produce quality products and show reliable delivery times.

Bottom-line; time is money! The vision; execute the job where it should be done using the right competence against the right financial conditions. No interim machine standstill caused by incomplete information or preparation. A different approach.

It started as a tool management database solution which developed over the years into a environment that in spirit with Industry 4.0 connects all entities.


With one purpose only.

Letting you your peace of mind. And your people a great tool to work with!


With great pleasure I’m inviting you to explore our website and get acquainted with


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Hans Hool

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